Celery Recipes

Celery Recipes

Celery has a mild, savoury flavour — perfect for all sorts of savoury dishes. Celery refers to the stalk of the plant, whilst celeriac refers to the roots of the plant. It's super versatile and can be eaten raw or cooked, making it popular around the world. Celery is often cooked with onions and carrots, especially in European cuisine, as it creates a savoury flavour base perfect for all sorts of dishes. We have plenty of celery recipes below, including soups, side dishes and plenty of salads.


About Celery:

Pretty much all parts of the celery plant can be used — the leaves are often used as a garnish, the seeds are cultivated and used as a spice or as an additive in pharmaceuticals or perfumes, the root can be roasted or boiled in a similar way to potatoes and the crisp stalk can be eaten raw, braised, roasted or marinated.

When celery is cooked with onion and carrot, it provides a base for all sorts of dishes — the celery lends a background depth of flavour and savouriness, whilst the onion and carrot lend earthiness and sweetness, and it is these flavours combined which create a delicious flavour profile for sauces, stews, casseroles, soups and ragus. In Italy, these ingredients are cooked together more than any other.

Because celery is so versatile, it can be found in almost any savoury dish, hot or cold. Get some inspiration by taking a look at our recipes above.

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